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The truth about Adrenal fatigue.

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Do you wake up feeling groggy, like you have a hangover, but without the fun memories of the night before?  You’re sure you just spent the evening as usual, sat on the sofa binge watching every single episode of your new favorite show until late. There were snacks involved, but no booze this time, so why the fuzzy, heavy head and desperate desire for coffee? You could be suffering with Adrenal Fatigue. Some studies suggest up to 80% of people today have some form of this health problem.

Adrenal Fatigue is an imbalance of the hormone cortisol. You are supposed to get 3 main surges of cortisol during the day, but none at night time. With Adrenal Fatigue the opposite happens, you have low cortisol in the morning, but then it peaks in the evening. You’re not tired, but wired, at the end of the day. Cortisol keeps us going, keeps us pepped and energized. When we have cortisol surges at the wrong time we find that we can’t get going in the morning and we can’t fall asleep at night.

If even when you have a full 8-9 uninterrupted hours you still feel that hungover feeling, then it’s possible this is down to early stage Adrenal Fatigue. Heal the root causes now and you’ll save yourself a bigger headache in years to come.



Other feelings of early stage Adrenal Fatigue include:

  • Irritable
  • At the mercy of stress
  • Tired (which may flip come bedtime and you’ll feel wired)
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Socially overwhelmed
  • Anxious
  • Depressed
  • Loss of motivation
  • Diminished or missing libido
  • Inflamed – stiff or painful joints, rashes, brain fog
  • Light headed when changing positions too quickly
  • Headaches
  • Cravings for salt or sugar
  • Heavy, painful, or otherwise difficult periods
  • Feeling like you get every cold or flu
  • PMS
  • And it can affect your skin from premature aging to acne!



Adrenal Fatigue is one of what I like to call the “vicious cycle” issues. It comes down to a combination of problems with the gut microbiome, the thyroid, and the adrenals. The gut microbiome is in conversation with our cortisol production system. Inflammation in the gut from issues like “leaky gut syndrome” (brought on by processed flour, sugar, dairy) causes toxic substances to leak through into your whole body and this creates an inflammatory moment, an immune response, and stresses out your adrenals. They send out cortisol like crazy until the well runs dry.

With early stage Adrenal Fatigue you’re just not making enough cortisol during the day (and too much at night). With later stage Adrenal Fatigue you can stop making cortisol during the day altogether. The thyroid can become dysfunctional leading to a thyroid problem. BUT you can turn early stage Adrenal Fatigue around pretty simply and easily and avoid any of these potential cascading health problems.  So order yourself some of our amazing Adrenal Support, add them to one of the recipes below ( or take alone) and start living your best life ASAP.  


Thank us in the morning. 

XOXO, Spring Solutions


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