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The Science Behind Spring Solutions Supplements

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At its core, weight loss is about one simple principle: calories in, calories out. If you eat fewer calories than you burn every day, you should lose weight, right?

Well…yes and no. Yes, “calories in, calories out” is the basic mechanism through which we lose weight. But, as anyone who has ever struggled with weight loss will tell you, it isn’t quite that simple. You’re working against deeply-ingrained physical and psychological patterns, plus thousands of years of human evolution.

That’s where Spring Solutions supplements come in. When you cut calories and your body starts to fight the weight loss, our all-natural supplements calm that stress response and help you lose weight faster – without hunger pangs or stress. Here’s how it works.

Burn old fat, not new calories.

Living in the modern, developed world usually means having access to food when you’re hungry. But our bodies don’t know that. They’re the result of hundreds of generations of adaptation from humans whose access to food was unreliable. So, when body fat accumulates from excess calories, your body wants to conserve that fat for as long as possible. It’s preparing for a long period of food scarcity.

When you cut calories, it gets even worse. Although you know you’re eating fewer calories because you want to burn body fat, your body thinks you’ve lost access to food. In response, it tries to hold onto body fat for longer so you have energy even when you’re not eating. It does this by slowing down your metabolism and using more of the calories you’re taking in through food – rather than the excess body fat you’re trying to get rid of – for energy.

That’s where Spring Solutions Weight Loss Support Drops can help. Natural ingredients like turmeric, cinnamon, and garlic encourage your body to burn fat that’s already there. And other ingredients like maca work to calm your body out of stress mode. That way, you see the results of “calories in, calories out” right away.

Curb those cravings.

Have you ever wondered why cravings are so much worse when you’re dieting than the rest of the time? Even when you don’t cut calories that dramatically, something about that bag of chips of slice of cake seems doubly tempting. That’s because your body is trying to trick you into replacing the stored fat you’re burning through. Worse still, since your body is trying to replace stored fat for periods of starvation in the future, if you give into the craving, you’ll gain more weight more quickly.

Adrenal Support Drops and Appetite Suppressant Spray curb those cravings so you’re less likely to slide back. These natural and safe supplements regulate your body’s stress response, reducing the amount of cortisol your adrenal glands produce. That way, you’re way less likely to turn to fattening foods to manage stress.

Meanwhile, ingredients like acai berry and momordica regulate your blood sugar levels. That way, you burn energy steadily throughout the day instead of getting hit by huge hunger pangs.

Help your body spring into weight loss and better habits!

Spring Solutions supplements give you an edge so the “calories in, calories out” principle works for you. With all-natural, effective supplements on your side along with personalized support for your life coach, you can make the change you want to stay healthy for life!


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