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No-Sugar Treats for the Late Summer and Fall

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Where did the summer go? It seems like in the blink of an eye, we’re craving a steaming mug of herbal tea instead of an iced pitcher. But, there are still a few warm days left in September. With that in mind, we want to share with you some of our favorite no-sugar dessert recipes. Try the first few on a sunny day – perhaps at your Labor Day cookout! And save the rest for chilly days when you need something more warming to satisfy your sweet tooth.

For the warm days…

Frozen banana ice cream.

This idea is so simple, and so universal, we don’t even need to link you to a recipe. Simply chop up some ripe bananas and freeze them. When you’re ready for some homemade, no-sugar soft serve, toss them in a food processer with whatever other flavors you prefer. Berries? Nuts? Dark chocolate chips? It all depends on your mood. However you dress it up, this creamy dessert will satisfy your ice cream craving.

Chocolate avocado pudding pops.

This recipe from A Sweet Life is a little more involved, but very satisfying, and just as guilt-free. Healthy avocados provide the base for these chocolatey pudding pops, lightly sweetened by a touch of stevia. Your family won’t believe they’re eating something healthy.

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For the fall…

Chocolate lava cake.

This low-carb and no-sugar concoction from Sweet as Honey is a guilt-free version of that most indulgent dessert. Just be sure to opt for coconut oil instead of butter, and find an organic stevia extract without any additional sweeteners. It’s not perfect (and certainly won’t do during the reduce phase), but it will satisfy the odd chocolate craving on a chilly night without doing the harm of traditional store-bought cakes.

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Raw brownie bites.

Rich, chewy, chocolatey, and no baking required brownies? Yes, please! 2 spoons of honey and a cup of dates provide the only sweetener needed in this rich and tasty recipe from Live Simply.

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3, 2, 1 custard.

Do you love a warm, creamy custard? Natural Green Mom sure does. So, she provided us with a simple, yet delectable recipe to warm you up on a chilly September night. Eggs, bananas, and coconut milk are the only ingredients needed for this sweet, yet sugar-free, treat.

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2-ingredient caramel sauce.

Don’t you love recipes with just two or three ingredients? Veg Kitchen brings us a delectable and sugar-free caramel sauce made from just dates and unsweetened almond milk. Once it’s done, it sweetens up apple or pear slices to elevate a piece of fruit to a satisfying dessert.

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