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5 ways to spice up chicken

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The reduce phase may be challenging, but we don’t want it to be boring. After all, the more you fall into a routine on a restricted diet, the likelier you are to be tempted by food that isn’t on the list. With a little creativity, you can make your reduce phase meals sing. Take chicken, for example. There are so many ways to season and enjoy a cut of chicken, even without oil. Try one of these methods for a filling and lean dinner.

Curried chicken

Are you in the mood for Indian food? Gather up the turmeric, curry powder, cumin, pepper, garlic, and salt. Then, cook up some curried chicken on the stovetop. Fill a saucepan with water or low-sodium broth, then drop in the cut of chicken so that it’s halfway immersed. Over medium heat, wait until the bottom half of the chicken is white or golden brown. Meanwhile, sprinkle your seasonings over the exposed top half of the chicken. Flip it over and add more of your seasonings to the cooked side. Voila! Reduce phase approved curried chicken.


Rosemary and lemon chicken

Maybe you’re in the mood for springtime seasonings. This recipe goes great with a raw veggie side. Mix up some lemon juice, garlic, rosemary, and salt. Rub the mixture into your cut of chicken. Then, cook it up on a George Foreman or outside grill. It’ll taste like a picnic in an herb garden.


Cilantro Thai chicken

Do you have a Thai spice mix in your kitchen? If not, you can mix one up on your own! Combine sesame seeds, chile pepper, coriander, onion powder, red pepper flakes, garlic, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Then, for a delectable cilantro Thai chicken, add fresh cilantro and a little lime juice. Prepare using the stovetop method with either water or low-sodium broth.


Mustard chicken

You can use these seasonings as an overnight marinade before grilling, or cook on the stovetop. Combine garlic, salt, brown mustard, lemon juice, pepper, and a little bit of stevia. The result? A zesty mustard chicken that will make you feel like you’re at a Fourth of July barbeque. Try it with grilled zucchini.


Pollo asado

…or maybe you miss Mexican food. This recipe is best as an overnight marinade before grilling. Mix black pepper, lime or lemon juice, cumin, a little splash of white vinegar, onion powder, salt, garlic, and red pepper flakes. Leave the chicken breasts in a freezer bag with the mixture few a few hours, then grill them up for a fiesta! Try this one over some raw spinach, or slice it up for a salad to pack for lunch. And don’t forget to squeeze a slice of lime over it before you eat



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