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Why life coaching?

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There are quite a few things that set apart Spring Solutions from other diets. From the totally unique homeopathic supplements to the simple fact that you’re eating real food, plenty of factors lead to a gentler transition and long-lasting results. Another critical ingredient, though, is personalized daily life coaching. What makes life coaching so crucial and effective? At Spring Solutions  we boil it down to three things: motivation, accountability, and information.

Breaking the “If I cheated, I might as well give up” cycle

Motivation is a funny thing. Some people need kind, positive encouragement. Others need a drill sergeant! But almost everyone needs some sort of external influence. Especially when you’re making a dramatic lifestyle change, you shouldn’t have to go it alone. And if you’re like many Spring Solutions dieters, you might be taking control of your health without the support of family and friends.

When you check in every day with a life coach, it’s impossible to feel like you’re in it alone. If you need someone to remind you of the great progress you’re making, your life coach is there. If you make a mistake and feel powerless, your life coach will tell you to get back on the ball tomorrow. Even if it’s as simple as the daily weight check, you know. there’s a person on the other end of the phone rooting for you and giving you the tools and encouragement to succeed. This does wonders to keep up motivation through the long reduce phase.

When you give yourself an inch, you’ll take a mile.

…Luckily, your life coach won’t give you an inch! Have you ever enlisted a friend as your “study buddy” over the course of a class or long work project? If you have, then you know the importance of accountability. And like studying, accountability is also important component to dieting that your life coach will help fulfill. Maybe you need someone to talk you through a craving by being firm with you or reminding you of your goals. And maybe just the knowledge that another person is invested in your weight loss journey is enough to hold you accountable.

WHY do I want chocolate so badly??

You’re not hungry, anxious, or sad, and yet all you can think about is that big bar of chocolate staring you down from the checkout line in the supermarket. Why is this craving so powerful? If you were going it alone, you might end up cheating. But not on the Spring Solutions diet. You’d text your life coach and find out that you might be low on magnesium!

When your life coach helps you problem-solve by giving you information and tools (like the magnesium tip, or cutting up a picking to satisfy your urge for a salty crunch), she’s not just talking you through a craving. She’s giving you information you’ll remember and use for years after you finish the Spring Solutions diet. It’s just one more way Spring Solutions serves to create healthy habits for life.



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